Bringing her teaching experience to large firms and corporations, Attorney Latif conducts full- and half-day workshops on legal skills that are essential to legal practice. The workshops on legal writing and research are perfect for summer associates, new associates, or as a refresher for those seeking to sharpen their skills.  Attorney Latif also teaches a trial advocacy seminar, which includes real-life war stories from her time as an AUSA and a partner at a large law firm.

Course preview:

  • How to combine cases and synthesize to a body of law
  • How to apply the law to new facts
  • How to organize writing (TRAC; predictive vs. persuasive writing)
  • Developing a persuasive theory
  • Sections of a memo and brief
  • Style: Effective sentences and paragraphing
  • Bluebook and citations
  • Professionalism and Ethics
  • Interviewing skills and techniques
  • Writing a counseling memo
  • Planning for and conducting a client interview
  • Drafting  counseling plans, emails, and client letters
  • Working effectively with clients and colleagues from diverse backgrounds
  • Performing efficient legal research in print and online sources to locate secondary and primary sources (including cases and statutes) to analyze and solve legal problems
  • Oral advocacy skills and techniques
  • Opening
  • Closing
  • Rebuttal
  • Direct Examination
  • Cross Examination
  • Motions in limine

Professor Latif was extremely helpful and accessible for every writing assignment. She gave clear guidance both during class and during individual/group meetings with students. Professor Latif made the material simple to understand, and her lectures were engaging.

Genuinely helpful professor who clearly wants students to succeed. Prepared us for future careers beyond just our writing skills with real world situational examples. 

Professor Latif is WONDERFUL. She displayed an earnest commitment to ensuring that our course was a learning process and not a trial by fire. She clearly has a growth mindset and it made her class a pleasure!

Easy to follow along, good examples used to help understand the tool of legal practice. Professor Latif was very helpful and willing to share her expertise and knowledge.

I learned so much from you that I can put into practice. Thank you.

If you have the option to take a class with Professor Latif, I enthusiastically recommend her. Her expectations are clear and she genuinely wants to see her students succeed. She is professional, sincere, and prepared to help students produce high caliber work. —

[Y]ou should find yourself extremely lucky if you have [Latif] as a professor. Her class was my favorite of the semester and I actually felt like I learned tangible skills. She is generous with her time and feedback inside and outside of the classroom. Absolutely jump at the opportunity to take any of her classes. —

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